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Love makes you and Takes you away- Rupesh

                       LOVE MAKES YOU AND TAKES YOU AWAY  

Love makes you and Takes you away: Love makes you and Takes you away- Rupesh:                         LOVE MAKES YOU AND TAKES YOU AWAY                      
                I remember my days in Bareilly I use to be one of the most mischievous boys in the school. But according to me I was having talent in me that can help others so that they can be known. Known in other words I mean other than their names. These names are given according to their personalities and which use to define those persons, which probably their names couldn’t. For example “Aaloo” for those who are fat n dumb as well, “Disco Polio” for those whose body movements are not in stream line like while dancing and all. Most of the class mates or I’ll say friends don’t use to offend me as because for a while we can forget their names but pet names defines them and which will help us in future to remind them. We all were son and daughters of defense personals so it was fix that our fathers will be posted after every five years so we all use to enjoy all the movements we get.
                I was very interactive guy “ya with girls also” so you know like setting with girls and getting treat from boys. All I’ll have to do is to introduce that guy with that girl by any means   so that further procedure can run from his side. My father was posted in Bareilly for seven years he got double posting over there and that has made my popularity in the whole school all the teachers, non-teaching staff use to know me. Beside studies no including studies or something like that I was   good in all the other stuff. Most of the people use to think what can a kid of class 8th can do and believe me I was way beyond that.
                But for doing anything or involving in anything needs some support which was completed y my buddies Abhishek , Rajneesh and Gaurav. Abhishek and Rajneesh were like topper of the class so I use to help myself with them. On the other hand Gaurav was very calm and shy so again I use to help myself with. If I am executing my plank of ringing the school interval bell, setting   timers for the crackers in boys toilet or stealing Tiffin’s of others during the assembly and if I get caught by teachers so if Gaurav is in my sigh I use to include him also in that of course he got nothing with that but at least I use to get company. Gaurav use to be with me. On the other hand Abhishek was my childhood friend so I use to call him “Chaddy Buddy”. We were together since we started our long life of everlasting studies.


Separation Day.

My father got posting in Barrackpore in West Bengal. We were about to leave after my results.
“Barrackpore what kind of name is that” Abhishek said.
“Sounds horrible” I said after a pause.
“ so now you will have to live in  all that  sweet’s” Abhishek said.
“What”    I said.
“ I mean that Rasgulla man” Abhishek said.
“ I love having sweet you know that” I said.
“ Hummmm yar you can get all that in very cheap rate enjoy” Rajneesh said.
“Ooooo Yahhh, I’ll eat sweet full stomach all the time” I said.
“Then you’ll burst na”
Who was that I am unable to know as I was in those day dreams of sweets.
This was Gaurav.
“ Oh finally Bhole Bhandari can speak” I said.
We all were back benchers so this was a cracking joke and all of us started laughing. But the tragedy was the class was on so the teacher scolded all of us. She given us the standing ovation and we accompanied her but both our hands were holding our ears in front of the class.  I was use to it but it was pity different for Abhishek , Rajneesh and Gaurav.
And yet again my commentary started every one was shilling and was hiding their laughter bomb. But how can they resist as she was teaching the class I was coping her movements the whole class was concentrated on me. Mam was great for me she was Punjabi and use to teach Sanskrit in Punjabi tone and I use to copy her after the class.
Soon the time passed and Abhishek , Rajneesh and Gaurav’s fathers also got posting in different places. Now Abhishek is going to Bangalore. Rajneesh will go to Hindan and Gaurav in Bagdogra. We all passed our 8th class and before result Abhishek and Rajneesh were shifted there. I was moving on 5th of April so I attended my last days of schools. I was missing Bareilly before leaving it. But defense life is not easy one so got no option but say final GOOD-BYE to all.

Reached Barrackpore.

We landed on to the huge platform of Howrah everyone was rung here and there, soon we got our way out with lots of luggage by the help of Kuli.  We rented two cabs to board towards Air Force Station Palta as another family was with us. It has taken two and half hour to reach over there and finally we got into the Air Force Camp. It was big actually way big campus and our car headed towards New Project where Papa got house on behalf of Air Force it was Status Quarter and was well furnished and lighted.
Papa use to set all the things well before for our comfort. He showed us the area and the temple which was just some 800 meters away mummy’s favorite place. We were invited by a Mahadik uncle friend of my dad. It was a good experience as they treated us and picked up for dinner and dropped on time as we were tired by journey and was looking forward to get some sleep as because by morning all our stuff was going to land so I’ll have to accompany dad for that.
It was good to interact with their family and spending time with them we reach back home by 1 am. My younger brother Krishna slept in there and we carried him all the way to our new home. Again we arranged everything and jumped into the bed.
2-1-2, left kick and then right punch, right cross and here is the winner the one and only ULLU……. No no no again and here is the winner the one and only ULLU are you going to wake up or shall I put a bucket of water on you.
“Are yar it was a dream and my dad was waking me up…… what a tragedy……” (I am black belt in Tae Kwan Do so all my dreams use to be like that)
“ok ok I am up” I said.
“ get ready fast our luggage is landed we’ll have to pick it up” dad said.
“ but  Krishna is still sleeping let me sleep for some more time” I said.
“ he is young how can he help us to unload the heavy items” dad said.
“but at least he can come along na” I said still hiding inside the blanket.
“ ohhh is that so ok then I am bring the bucket……..” dad said
Before he finished his sentence I rushed into the washroom to get ready.
We unloaded the luggage and it has taken four long hours to set it up in the big house of ours. Still the unwrapping work was left in which Krishna was expert. What kind of expertise is that you just need to takeout the covers of all the items? Krishna use to tease me while working all the time. The best thing in this house was that we got our separate rooms at last.

New School! Old friend.

                I was happy to join school as now I was permitted to wear full pants. It was rule to wear half pants till class eighth .It was 7th April. I’ll have to join new school new school new people new teachers it’ll take time to create my market here as the school was huge of three flours with football, basket ball, volleyball, Kho-Kho  and fitness ground. I noticed everything over here and I can say only HUGE as it was for me.  Unbelievable school was having all together students of more than 1500. It was the biggest Kendriya Vidhalaya  in my whole life. I entered into the campus and headed towards the office so as to give them acknowledge that from today I am joining in class IX. But the neglected me and shown me the way towards   my class room as student timing was different that day so I grabbed a seat on the third last bench as it was my area. But soon a boy came
“ new admission “ he said.
“ yes joined today only” I said.
And he moved my bag towards the second last bench showing that it’s his place to sit. I didn’t said anything and moved there. Soon the bell of assembly ranged and all the students started to place themselves in   the line (height wise). It was different from my old school over there line use to be there in the ground only and sometimes I use to play side drum in the assembly to remix the prayer by different beats. I joined    the line as I heard “ KC Nanda is Very Ganda”  he was our principal and was very strict and was having a killing looks and personality.
I entered the assembly ground and found a familiar face it was Kumarjeet my school friend of Bareilly I met him and we shook hands and joined the line again. Kumarjeet father got posted here ne and half year back and I came to know about it when I called my friends back in Bareilly. So no problem I got a friend here market will be set soon. Market means to me was to bunk classes. So I met him again after the assembly.
“ So wassup dude how are you??” Kumarjeet said.
“ I am fine yar you say what’s going on” I said.
“ just enjoying here it’s my hometown man” Kumarjeet said.
“ hummm your dad is going to retire na so this is your last home posting “ I said.
“ ya its good he is retiring in couple of years” Kumarjeet said.
“ Hummm” I said.
“ so you submitted you TC in the office and reported” Kumarjeet said.
“No they said that submission timings are after lunch break” I said.
“ Oks… so submit it so that u can get a section and roll no…..” Kumarjeet said.
“ ya I’ll do that” I said.
“ you know there are 5 sections for every class here” Kumarjeet said.
“ what 5 sections…. For each class ” I said astonished by his figures.
“ Ya dude it’s a big school”  Kumarjeet said.
“ oh yes it is “ I said.
“ so do it fast and do it today itself ok.. And by the way in which class you are sitting now” Kumarjeet said.

“ in C section” I said.
“come in D section take your bag the guy who use to sit with me is absent today” Kumarjeet said.
“ok” I said and taken my bag and followed him.
He told me about the whole school. Everything like the canteen, playground, premises, teachers and students (but of course the pity girls of the school). In the interval he shown me the whole area of the school and we were acquiring the target our targets were all the girls and we were hunting them with our eyes. There were so many girls in the school as it was a big school so our or I can say specially my head was like a table fan which was rotating from left to right so as to cover all the pity one in my sight I don’t want to miss any one nearby me. While checking out the girls I was so busy in them that Kumarjeet was vanished from my sight and I was unable to find him either, suddenly he came in front of me  like the way GOD use to appear. He tapped on my head and shaken it so as to interrupt my mission.
“ hey man interval is over we’ll have to go back to class” Kumarjeet said pointing towards the way to class room.
“ what” I said.
“ interval is over man…. Come out of your hunting business” Kumarjeet said and a smile was there on his face.
I nodded and we walked toward the class room. While entering the class room I ran my eyes towards the time table and came to know that it was games period after the interval. I was so disappointed towards him that he has dragged me out of such a place which was full of pity girls.
“ hey man its games period come-on we’ll go outside” I said by grabbing his shoulder towards the door.
“ wait.. first we’ll have to give our attendance for the second half” Kumarjeet said and grabbed my arm.
“ what another attendance. Is this a school or a jail” I said.
“ its rule man from our principal everyone has to follow it” Kumarjeet said pointing towards our bench.
“ yar our old school was not having such kind of trouble” I said while grabbing my seat.
“ yes I know but its compulsory over here” Kumarjeet said.
“ ok now what is the class teacher is   going to come and take attendance” I said.
“ yes and don’t forget that you’ll have to submit your TC in the office as well” Kumarjeet said reminding about my job which has to be done.
“ Oh yes yes” I said.
“ hey you use to practice Karate and Tae Kwan Do na” Kumarjeet asked me in different manner.
“ YES” I replied by looking straight at his face
“  why what happened” after a pause I asked him.
“ So how far did you go” Kumarjeet asked with a zeal.
“ I have completed Black belt” I said
“ I in both of them” Kumarjeet  asked with a simile in his face.
I was bit confused about his tone of asking me. I don’t know why he was smiling, is my black belt will help him out in any manner???
“ Yes I got black belt in Tae Kwan Do and completed the course of karate but black belt exam is left as I got posted over here” I acknowledged him.
“ so dude this is the right place for you to shine” Kumarjeet said.
what I didn’t get you” I replied him with confusion in my mind and face as well.
“ Actually our school participates in many events and principal has liking towards sports” Kumarjeet said.
“ Oh that’s a good news for me.. so by when the events are going to begin” I asked him with a satisfaction.
“sometimes in August” Kumarjeet said.
Mean while our attendance was going on and we didn’t even realize it soon we saw that the teacher was moving out of the class.
“ Ohhhh shit” Kumarjeet said as he was worried about it.
“ hey dude you proceed towards the office I’ll join u later I’ll have to clean this shit first” while moving towards the door Kumarjeet said to me.
“ OK” I said and grabbed my TC from my bag
I rushed towards the office so as to go again for my mission. On the way towards the office there were many girls wearing badges and some nameplate kind of thing. I was wondering why many of the students were wearing such things just like the officers of defense use to wear, there must be something I guessed that those girls are either the BOMB of the school or the BOOKWORMS. Thinking that entire thing and was walking towards the office.

The Scenery 

                I reached in front of the office and there were many students who were waiting to submit there TC’s and with other office related stuff. Then I came to realize that there were many students who had joined today with me. What the hell why dose all of them are joining today only and at the same time with me, I was planning to finish this job as fast as possible so as to concentrate again towards the girls “but now the system doesn’t allow me to do so “so I got no way out as it was necessary to do it today itself as I got orders from my dad. I taken a deep breath and jumped into the crowd so as to it fast and get back to the business (business to scan girls).
                Suddenly someone from the office shouted from the office to settle down as principals cabin was nearby. A sudden quit atmosphere was created and everyone was in the silent mode. The office staff was doing their job and we were standing outside.
My eyes got stuck onto a girl. She was wearing the school uniform that was a Punjabi dress with navy blue for top and white for the lowers and she was looking so beautiful in it. My eyes glued to her.
 She was wearing a red band for her hairs to hold them back like ponytail but couple of hairs was covering her face. She had the most attracting personality which I have never seen till now. Her eyes were big and round and her lips were reddish pink just like the apple of Kashmir her skin was shiny with no spots at all, her eyebrows were perfect as  the rainbow here neck was having a very nice curve through which the mild wind was passing.
 I looked down towards his hands they were like the mixture of silk and milk. Everything was so much attractive about her that I couldn’t resist myself to take my eye off her my eyes were like stopped there. I was looking her as if a beggar is sitting on a table of five star hotels and the table was full of dishes which he had never seen in his entire life and was never going to see it again.
                Suddenly someone pushed me back to the end of the line and I was unable to see her I moved into the line like a snake so as to take such a position in which I can stare her all the time. Finally I got into that position and she was ahead of me and far as a distance of three people.
 I never got such an attraction in my life though I have seen many girls but she was different she was so perfect so pure that I couldn’t resist myself and was having a feeling to touch her for that I moved my hand to reach her and I was about to reach her hands which was the most attractive part of her all together.
The office staff shouted to be in line and I couldn’t reach her hand. What a perfect timing you got you idiot I murmured and went back to line. Again he shouted on all of us and ordered to line up in the order of our birth date.
                Office boy came out and was arranging the students in the manner of their birth dates like January-February and as per date as well. All the students were lining up in the same manner but I was still lost in her and was looking at her during the mess.
                The office boy came to me and asked for my birth date he repeated the question twice and he was unable to get my attention as I was lost in her. He then shook me and asked for my birth date for the third time but I was still into her that I was not able to recollect my birth date then he snaked my TC from my hand and seen the birth date and asked me to line up in the April line and said 11th April don’t you know your birth date, I nodded and joint the line but after that a miracle happen. She was just behind me and was standing just close to me.
 I thought this is the best time to touch her hand and was happy and thanking my mom about my birth date. I was murmuring about my birth date and was wondering that if my mom could have managed to give me birth nearby 20 so that I could be closer to this girl still not a bad timing Rupesh good keep it up I was talking to myself. Someone tapped on my shoulder. This must the office boy who was troubling me about my birth date, I turned back to give him an angry look but DHAN-TA-DHAN it was her who tapped my shoulder. I looked at her and all my angry look was melted into a sweet look just like a dog; I just had a feeling of a dog and was king to moving my tail to and fro.
“ HI new admission” she asked me politely.
What a sweet voice you got girl this was the sweetest voice I have ever heard. You got every quality to attract me. She was so close to me that I was able to shell her breath it was the most pleasant fragrance.
What shall I reply of course I am new admission that’s why I am in the line. No no no this not the best way to start the conversation so what the hell shall I reply, “be cool be calm and talk friendly” that’s what my mind was telling me. I have taken couple of deep breath and replied to her .
“ Yes new admission submitting my TC and what about you” I replied to her with a smile.
Good job champ way to go keep it up be steady. I was telling myself. I was standing a bit out of line so as to have a distance and had a talk with decency.
“ Ya me too, so you joined school today” she asked me politely.
“ yes from the very first period” I replied
What a fool you are my mind said to me are you the gatekeeper or what from first period what a reply. Try to impress her Einstein.
I continued after a pause “ ya first day, and what about you” I asked her with a low pitch of voice.
“ ya just came to submit my TC so that I can join by tomorrow” she replied.
“ oks so where you came from is your father is also in Air Force “ I asked her to have some more communication a good two way communication.
“ no my father is in Army” she replied with a smile.
Army oh god Army personals use to be very dumb as I got certain SMS’s on that and that was my thinking and my knowledge about them was only through the funny SMS’s I use to get. So now what shall I reply to her be bold and make her feel good my mind said to me.
“ Oh really my dad is in Air Force” I replied and came to know this was the stupid reply as I declared earlier and used ALSO word. Now what she must be thinking first day of her in school and she got the dumb one to interact. Control the situation now genius my mind said to me.
“ OH that’s good, so from where came here, how is the school did u like it ???” she asked me with her head bending  towards her left shoulder and a slow wind blowing her hair from her face.
Oks champ prepare the reply first then repeat it twice in your mind and then only reply. That was my strategy to reply her. I asked her first about from where she came? she should reply first leave it let it be. So what shall I reply first about from where I came or about my school? Confusion was running in my mind then I decided reply in the same manner as I use to answer in the exam in which I use to attempt the one first about which I know the most. But this is conversation not exam genius reply as the way the query is asked my mind ordered me.
“ I came here from Bareilly, school is good with discipline and good environment” I replied with a smile.
Bingo good reply. Good keep it up I said to myself.
“ Well that’s good” she replied with a smile and was looking towards the office .
“ hey you got any friends over here I mean in this school” I asked her so as to make her friend.
She is new here how could she have friends where she was never before my mind said and I came to realize that again the wrong question is asked.
“ NO” she replied.
“ oh I see” I replied.
What kind of reply was that “oh I see” is she a patient who came to you and you replied like a doctor after reading her report. Correct it dad was not wrong you are ULLU an idiot.
I replied “ you know what I got my old school friend here that’s why asked you”
“ lucky you are, I don’t know anyone around here” she replied by moving her eye down.
“ hey that happens with our life we are children’s of defense personals and it’s just small  sacrifice we’ll have to do don’t be sad” I replied her with confidence.
And here is the sexier……. My mind said to me
“ yes you got nice thinking, I like it” she replied with agreeing on the point.
I was so happy that she liked my reply and I was so excited about her  reply that after a second I realize that I could pee in my pants I was holding myself for that in the interval. I planned to go to washroom but my concentration was on girls and I came to realize it while talking to her and moving in the line. Excitement may be dangerous for me at this time I’ll have to hold it tight. “Concentrate on her not on your peeing you idiot you’ll go for it later but now go for her” my mind reminded of her again.
“ HEY it's Rupesh “ I introduced myself with confidence and little bit of smile
She was about to move her hand to have a shake but all of a sudden my number came in the queue and the office boy moved me in the office.
All my admission procedure was done and I got the same class in which I seated first in the day, class . Mean while completing my admission procedure she was on the next table also doing the admission. Everything was done and I got out of the office and rushed towards the toilet. I was in hurry that I almost entered in the ladies toilet.
What can I do in that it was new place and I didn’t realize where was I heading   thanks a lot god thanks a lot you saved me today I repeated in my mind. After that I entered the right place and was cocked and locked for peeing. This was the only position throughout the day in which I was soo comfortable I closed my eyes and rest of all happened automatically. Ohhh yeah with great pleasure this was done, dude you were about to enter in the girls toilet my mind said to me but it’s ok shit happens thank god no one noticed me I think I said. “If someone had noticed me”  it doesn’t matter as because I doesn’t noticed them so it’s cool.
                I walked out of the wash room and rushed towards the office to see her and to know her name. I was just outside the office but the office boy interrupted me.
“ So forgot your birth day again” Office boy said.
“ no was looking for someone” I replied
“ I thought so” he replied.
“ hey don’t think too much its injurious to your health…. I was born once not in installments” I replied in offensive manner but with no expression.
“ ok ok take it easy “ he said politely.
“ its fine” I replied with a smile and after a pause.
                Where is she? I was searching her but she was not there in the office then I rushed towards the gate so as to meet her but she was not there. I didn’t realize that how can she vanish in such a short time, but I may have taken long time in my natural call, “you could have done it fast” my mind said to me but it was urgent I said I haven’t gone to washroom since I left home so it was essential, somehow my mind agreed on the point. So I’ll have to wait for the next day so as to see her and have chat with her.
I reached to the play ground where Kumarjeet was playing basketball. He invited me in the team and we played a few rounds and soon the games period was over so we’ll have to rush bake to our respective class room. While going back we were passing some group of girls and class room.
“ hey bro how was your admission procedure, it’s done or not” Kumarjeet asked me while weeping his sweat .
“ yes boss it’s done, smooth and easy” I replied with coolness.
“ hey hey look at that MAAL bro, isn’t she good” Kumarjeet pointed a girl.
“ Forget that dude I have seen the whole MALLGADI in the office” I replied by putting my hand in his shoulder.
We have couple of code words for girls so as to scan them and show the other one about the direction. Some code words like- shikar, butterfly, teri bhabhi and many more and maal of course. So that no one should catch us during our hunting and scanning process.
“ what are you saying… how was she? what’s her name? Did you talk to her?” Kumarjeet was asking all this questions with so much excitement.
“ yes man I had a chat with her, and she was soo  beautiful  that I couldn’t blinked while looking at her” I replied with waving my hands in the air and showing a victory sigh.
“ what happened tell me everything” Kumarjeet hold ad my hand and was looking straight into my eyes.
“ hey don’t be so close to me I am not a girl control dude” I pushed him a bit.
“ ok ok whatever tell me what happened” Kumarjeet again asked me with eye contact but with a distance.
Then I told him the whole story and about the mistake which was done by me accidently.
“ good man keep it up, so finally target is acquired” Kumarjeet replied with a smile.
“ no no no nothing like that man I was just attracted to her as in more towards her hands actually, nothing special” I replied in a defensive manner .
“ it’s ok man I know you come on we’ll be late for the class” Kumarjeet acknowledged me and we rushed towards the class.

The Challenges

                Next day I get up early for my regular practice and physical exercise and got ready for school. I reached school and was searching that girl in the assembly and was unable to find her. Where she could be is she is present today or hasn’t joined yet I was searching her all the time during and after assembly but was unable to find her in there. I got new class assigned so I entered the same class room again and was trying to make myself comfortable in the class as I was new. Soon the class teacher came and I got my attendance and I got my roll number and bench of my choice.
                I met couple of guys and my class teacher told me to introduce myself to the class. I got up for the regarding but was confused was it necessary what difference does it goanna make. I stood up and introduced myself to the class and soon after I introduced myself students started asking questions to me like about my old school and my extracurricular activities. I told them everything what they asked for and it was like rapid fire round to me.
                Some students came to me after the introduction and asked me weather I was interested to participate in the tournament of martial arts. I replied with confidence and they offered me to join them in the games period. I joined them  but was sitting and was watching them warming up themselves, suddenly one of them pointed towards me to and was telling me that look at the moves he got. I didn’t find them impressive but the rest of the guys and girls were seems to be impressed. After that he asked me show me what I have got. But with a smile I denied his offer and it was offence for him then he teased me “are you sure you are black belt holder”. Those words just give me ignition and I entered the ground, everybody’s eyes were on me and they were eager to know whether the statement was true or not. I stretched a bit and shown couple of moves. Everybody clapped and soon the master came.
“ so you are new here” Master asked me.
“ yes sir I am “ I replied.
“ ok then show these moves in practical fight.. Are you ready” master asked me with mixture of confusion and confidence.
“ Sir I am born ready.. let’s do it” I replied with confidence.
“ ok then come in the center and some in your way” master pointed the way to me.
And the fight started the guy was pissed off at he and started attacking me I didn’t even attacked him back but was studying his activity and pattern of attack I studied him for 30 seconds and then after another 30 seconds the fight was over it was o T.K.O. the guy was o the ground. I offered him my hand but he was so angry on me he denied to hold it. What was he expecting of me Hello I am practicing it since I was seven years old and I practice it for daily basis I am a professional fighter what was he expecting of me. Soon master came and congratulated me and asked me weather I can use weapons or not and he offered me his Nechako.
“ do you know how to use it “ master asked me .
“ certainly” I replied and grabbed   it.
It was my favorite weapon and I too had it I shown him my style of using it. Meanwhile I was in the ground I saw the same girl and she was looking at me we had an eye contact and she was giving a smile to me. I think I impressed her thank god I did it otherwise she won’t had that smile at her face. After some time I taken permission to leave the ground and promised master to join them in the next session and I rushed towards her.
“ hey how are you” I asked her with a smile.
“ I am fine. So you know stunts and all” she replied with a smile.
“ these are no stunts this is tae Kwan do “ I replied with seriousness in my face as I loved it too much it was part of me and even in my dreams I use to practice it so it was close to my heart too.
“ ok you are good in it. I appreciate that” she smiled
“ really thanks” I replied with a smile too. What else I can do if she is smiling her smile was so cute that I couldn’t resist myself to give her a smile in reply.
While chatting with her some girls came and lots and lots of sound was there she was telling me something but I didn’t get it because of the sound. Later the bell rang and we’ll have to go to our respective classes. So we were walking towards the class but we were quite.
 After a while I took a deep breath and was about to ask her name but before I could speak out her class came and she said bye to me but because of the noise I was unable to notice it and later after few steps I realize about it and was about to reply her but she entered the class room and the rest was unsaid, damm I didn’t get her name till now.


After couple of days it was my birthday I didn’t celebrated it in the school but was excited about it I liked my birth day soo much as it was the most happy period of my life I use to enjoy it too much and always use to get many surprises form my parents along with new pair of clothes.
 Birth days are so much fun you can do whatever you want to do and no one scolds you and simply agrees with you. Moreover you can get whatever you wish for and it use to be the most special movements of our life that no one can ever forget the special day like or ever.
                 In the evening my parents given me a surprise that we are going outside for dinner and before leaving we’ll cut the cake. The cake was soo unique and beautiful that I was not in the mood to cut rather I could have kept it forever. But I want to taste it also so I decided to keep it safe in my stomach; it’s the safest place that no one could get it.
 Later we all went to a hotel named V-Café it was so beautiful and everything in that hotel was unique and so shiny that I was unable to decide where to look first. Dad has booked a family table there as he is ‘the’ perfect planner and needs everything to be in perfect way. We all settled down there and ordered the dinner as it was my birthday so choice was mine so we had the dinner the dinner with great satisfaction and were pleased with the service later.
 It was time for my choice of dessert I ordered four different deserts for each of us as per everyone choice and we enjoyed more than a lot that night. I was wondering how come dad came to know about this hotel we were new here, he must have done some research for this. I thanked dad while heading home he smiled and wished me again.
 We stopped on a petrol pump to fill up the tank over there I saw her I was confused weather to go and have a chat or not because both of us were with our parents so I decided say hello in sigh I waved my hand to her but she didn’t responded on that I guess her attention was somewhere else. Again I waved my hand and this time I got her attention she smiled and waved me back as through signs she asked he what was I doing there to reply that I attached both my hands and moved them to and fro but she was unable to get it as I was showing her that it was my birth day but she was unable to catch me, never mind girls are bit dumb and then after we left the pump station.
Later in the evening I was so pleased and was thinking the birthday must be celebrated on monthly basis rather than that of yearly basis. We can do whatever we want and this increases happiness in our lives. All the memories are treasure which can never be forgotten.

Next day I met her in the school she was looking soo beautiful that I was lost in my dream world in which we were in the karate ring and she punching and kicking me with her lovely and beautiful hands and for the first time in my life I wasn’t blocking at all, rather I was enjoying it a lot.
“ hey are you all right” she shook my shoulder
“ yes I am fine” while rubbing my eyes I replied her.
“ I asked you something….” She looked at me while bending her head a bit towards left.
“ sorry didn’t get you was thinking something else” I replied with full attention.  
“ what were you doing there yesterday”
“ I told you in sign didn’t u get it that time??”  I asked her with confusion.
“ no” she replied.
“ it was my birthday and was out with my family”
“ oh I am so sorry I didn’t know that…. Happy birthday!!” she moved her hand for a shake.
“ thank you” I also moved my hand towards her.
I was thinking that finally m going to touch her hand for which I tried so hard in the crowd and now it was in front of me. We had a hand shake and it was much softer than I thought   it was like I was holding an ice-cream which is going to melt in my hand. Can’t explain it was really enjoyable movement for me.

Bravery and Courage

Days passed and we use to have frequent chat and both were enjoying the movements at least I was enjoying. Later it was time for the summer vacation and the school was reopening after 50 days. So the teachers were giving lots of home work for the vacation and students were kind of begging the teachers to sort it down. The procedure of giving homework was like the teachers were putting stones on our shoulder and we’ll have to carry it for rest of the fifty days. It was so boring to right the entire thing for work. Just imagine if questions are caring itself like five to ten pages then how much lengthy will be the answers.
                The last day of school came it holidays were about to start. She came running to me to say good bye and was excited as well as she was going home for holidays. I was kind of opposite in the mood as we’ll have to do such huge amount of homework during this vacation. We exchanged our numbers had a little chat.

                After some days I got a call from a land line number it was evening and I was working out in my room.
“ hello???” I picked up the call
No one replied and I repeated saying hello couple of times but there was no reply. I hang up the call and again I got a call.
“ hello!!!” I picked up again but no one was answering the call then I heard a giggling and was confused who was it.
“ hey how are you it’s me” a beautiful voice I heard
“ oh hi I am fine how are you” I recognize it was her and the voice was familiar.
“ ya me too.. so what’s going on” she asked
“ nothing special what about you” I asked her.
“ nothing next week I am going home… was feeling bored so called you..” she replied with a laugh.
“ oh that’s nice.. “ I was feeling good that she called me and was happy that she called.
We were having taking to each other for three weeks and till now I didn’t got her name it was the perfect time to ask her about her name as in school whenever I attempted it I was unable to get her name so it was the best time to ask her. But how to start???
“ hey can I ask you something ???” I was confused and taken a pause to get a reply from her.
“ ya sure…” she replied.
“ please don’t laugh at me after asking the question ok….”
“ what is it go on and ask me” she replied with eagerness in her tone.
“ what’s your name ??” I asked her with a combination of confidence and confusion.
And busted out laughing and she was like uncontrollable that I was asking her what happened but she was laughing too much that she didn’t got me what I was telling to her. Her laughing was so sweet that I was enjoying it but with a bit of confusion that what’s wrong in it I don’t know her name so I asked her.
“ you are so sweet you didn’t know my name till now???” she replied after 45 seconds and was still laughing.
“ no really don’t know” I replied with confusion was it right or I did something wrong unknowingly.
“ it’s ******* ” she relied with smile.
Sorry I can’t tell her name because of some reasons. I’ll tell you the name by which I use to call her and I use to prefer it more than her name that I declared it in our first conversation on the call.
“ ok now I get it but I prefer Angle suits you” I replied after a pause.
“ reason please” she replied with zeal.
“ but please don’t misunderstand me ok “ I replied with confidence
“ yes sir tell me”
“ you look like angle to me as per your personality and I have seen a Hollywood move I don’t know its name in which the actress is like you and was playing rle of an angle that’s why” I replied
“ oh is it that’s so sweet of you I like it” she replied with exhaling .
Her exhaling was so pleasant that I came to realize that she was ok with that. SO SWEET OF YOU these words were like cold breeze   to me that I enjoyed it a lot.
“ you know what you are second person who called me with a with other name and which I like “ she replied with a smile.”
Second person what then who can be the first one this thought came into my mind
“ second one I didn’t get it” I replied with a low tone with eagerness to know who is the first one..
“ yes my dad use to call me Pari as its my pet name which he has given me and the same given by you” she replied
“ that’s great you are ok with it na??” I asked her to conform weather she is really comfortable with it
“ indeed” she replied
“hey dad is coming I am going out with them” she replied after hearing some voice.
“ ok no problem! bye enjoy” I replied
“ ok bye talk to you later “ she replied and we hung up the phone.

We had telephonic conversation’s in our vacation and most of the time she use to call me as she was not having her personal cell phone. I tried calling her but the number was of land line and most of the time her mom or dad use to pick it up or maybe they were the relatives of her as she was home, only couple of time I connected directly with her but it was luck factor. Then I told her that whenever she is free she can call me as when I use to cal her and find out other voice than of her I use to disconnect the call.   She agreed on that point and was calling me in her free times.

Time for Some Work….

                School was going to reopen in couple of days and much part of my home work was left, it was causing lots of trouble for me as my practice in the last school was to copy the work from others in the last days. Scenario here was different and there was no classmate of mine near by location. Old habits are die heart; I was unable to complete my home work and was scared that the teacher will punish me if I didn’t complete it, but still I went out for roaming to relax myself. I was cycling in the campus and found a familiar face. He was my classmate I approached him.
“ hey what’s you doing here how’s the holidays” I asked him.
“ nothing was playing holidays were fine” he replied
“ have you completed the homework assigned to us” I asked him with hope.
“ are you kidding me I use to complete it in the school itself by coping others” he replied.
What kind of person he was and what kind was reply was that. What was he doing all the summer hatching eggs or what? This thought was pictured in my mind about him, but later I came to realize that I was doing the same both of us were on the same page. How stupid it was for use if someone else is doing something uncommon but it’s easy to judge other’s than that of ourselves. It was kind of bold for me in my thinking as because I use to do that whole work in like ten days but the other’s us to do it in fifty.
“ hey can you give me someone’s notebook to complete it” I asked him with widening my eyes.
“ ok I’ll get it for you hey do one thing come tomorrow at the same time here and I’ll give it to you” he replied with smile and continued his game.

On the next day he given me couple of notebooks so as to complete the work and reminded me to bring it in the school. Those notebooks were completed by a girl. How girls can completes all their work in time weather they are blessed with some god gift or what which make this happen. I thought always use to confuse me about the girls.
 On the other hand looking at myself I was kind of dependent on others so as to complete my work, it’s not like that I didn’t attempted to complete my home work rather I started it on the very first day of the vacation but use to get bore after couple of pages.
The real thing was like I am having fifty days to complete it so what’s the rush, but time passes faster than we though. But it use to be always opposite in different conditions or situation. When we want that time should go slow at that time it use to run faster and faster like in exam hall, and sometimes when we want to pass the time it use to go slower and slower. What a condition most of the time student use t suffer from it. What a tragedy how can someone get out of it.
Finally I completed most of my home work, but still I got punishment as I didn’t completed some part of home work of two subjects(math’s and English ) . Punishments sucks the teacher orders me to complete the work in two days along with twenty more questions. How can be they so mean if I am unable to complete forty questions in fifty days so how can I complete twenty questions in two days it’s a simple logic. I don’t know how they became teacher must have cheated in exams I guess.
My English teacher asked me to show my home work and this was the other subject which was incomplete. So she punished he kneel down outside the class. Thank god actually I prefer physical punishments than mental one.
I was use to it as all the teachers use to punish me in my old school. They were so confident in me that they directly use to cal me on the day one of the school to stand in front of class by holding ears. If teacher is having confidence in you that you didn’t have completed the assigned work so how can I break their confidence. They use to use me as a model to show others if they are not doing assigned work or anything they say then this will happen and I was expert in every type of punishments so I was kind of role model for students like me.
I was kneeling down outside my class and was playing game in my cell. All of a sudden someone came in front of me shit this must be madam. I was so busy in the game that I didn’t realize she might come out of class. I looked up and was shocked. It was Angle.
“ hey  what are you doing here” she asked
“ nothing was taking sunbath” I replied with relief.
“ be ashamed you are punished” with firmness in her voice she looked at me.
“ don’t worry I am habitual of it “ I replied with smile.
“ what habitual you are punished and still in this condition you are playing games “ she pointed towards my cell phone.
I don’t know why girls are so serious about work and punishments.  It must be happening with them hardly but with me it was kind of daily practice. It was my opening ceremony of punishment in this school and her appearance was making it better and memorable.
“ Hey its will last for only more twenty minutes or something its nothing for me” I looked up in her eyes.
“this will create bad image of you” she looked down.
What bad image dose getting punishments creates bad impression; I was well known for different mischief and   punishments in my old school so what the big deal is. Leave it must be as per girls opinion. I’ll have to get rid of her otherwise if madam finds out she will give me more writing assignment.
“ ok I get it, so what are you doing  here you are out of your class” I replied while looking all over.
“ it’s our games period and I was searching for someone” she replied doing the same way by looking around.
“ok then go if mam find me chatting with you she will punish me more” I looked at her
“yes ok then enjoy your punishment…. Bye” she walked away   
“ I will… Tata”

After a while the bell rang and I stood up to enter in the class. Mam was still there teaching something and was continuing even after the bell.
“ may I help you” mam asked me while putting chalk on the table
“nothing mam period is over.. may I come in ??” I asked
“is it ok come in” she was rubbing her hand.
I entered in the class and was about to enter in my row but mam interrupted me.
“ can you come over here” she pointed at me
I came near to her and then she holed my arm to show me something, it was the time table in which she was pointing on the day which was showing that she was having two continuous periods.  Holy shit which means punishment is continues as well, so what else option I got automatically I taken my position outside the class. Really I was outstanding student.

                In recesses I went out after the punishment to free my legs, ant that time I thought that really getting punishment is not good, it really creates bad image. But it doesn’t mean that I’ll have to quit my career of mischief, so  I decided that the culprits are only when they are caught red handed so why not to do things in different manner so that no one can catch me  and this will avoid my punishments. Then I started a new way of approach towards my mischiefs and I stared creating a list for that as well it must be kind of stupid idea but was bold and innovative.
 History says only those are respected who have innovative thoughts and way of approach though it was regarding something else other that mischief’s but as per it can be a good start. So I created the list in my mind and later transferred in paper to assure that it will be done it was the same way like we make grocery list.
1.       To set crackers in girls toilet. (as I never been there )
2.       To catch a snake.
3.       Using principal’s washroom etc.

While I was creating the list I saw Angle coming towards me and she was looking pissed at me so I tried to escape from there but there was no way to go. I was trapped as I was making list and mean while she was troubling me to make it but by the grace of god boys toilet was near and one of my friend was asking me give him accompany. I nodded and followed him.
As it was my thinking zone so went in there and started chatting with him. We were done with our thing but chatting was left but at the same time I was thinking about the list. We were there for ten odd minutes and the things were done. I came out side and still making my list in mind.

“ what took you so long” Angle asked me with folding her hands.
“ what??” I was astonished to see her there what she was doing there waiting for me or what??
“ nothing some normal chats and all” after a pause I replied.
“ ok can you do me favor” she was nervous
“ sure what happen…”  I replied with confusion one cannot sense what a girl is going to ask
“ actually I forgot to bring my lunch box sooo” she replied with shyness in her eyes.
“ oh don’t worry come with me we’ll have it from my Tiffin” I replied with smile to make her comfortable.
We were going towards my class room and she was following me. How dumb is she how can she forget to bring her Tiffin on the very first day of school. As I was much more concerned with that thing my concentration was much more in eating than studying, I may forgot to bring copy’s and book’s but ; lunch box  never. We reached in my class and I taken out my box from the bag. Oops I already had it in the starting of the recesses as I was feeling hungry after the long punishment of two periods.

“ sorry I forgot that I had it in the starting ” showing her my lunch box.
“ it’s ok don’t worry” she replied with half smile.
“ hey don’t worry we’ll have it in the canteen even my belly is not full yet” I replied while closing my bag.
“ no its ok I’ll have it later” she replied while moving towards the door
I don’t know why girls use to show so many formalities. If I encounter such situation would have said directly. 
“ hey come-on come we’ll have something in canteen” I ran towards her
“ no its ok I will manage” she replied 
“ ok then don’t have anything at least accompany me” I replied with smile of mischief.
“ how mean?? “ she replied with looking towards me.
“ if I am asking you politely then you are rejecting it why so much formalities if you are hungry then say so na.” I relied by looking straight at her
We went in the canteen had our lunch and she was much energetic now her face speaks it all. Now as she was fine she started pulling my leg about the punishment and was giving me lecture on it. I use to get so bored when someone gives me lectures on my activities.
I was use to it as my parents and use to give it on daily basis but my simple formula was to transfer it to the ground it (like earthling or listing from one ear and to flow it through another.

Time passed and I started working on my list meanwhile I was elected caption of the house. Caption or appointees were the students who have the liberty to maintain discipline in the school. We use to have duty to circle the whole assembly ground and help those students who are feeling uncomfortable. We also have the power to check the uniforms of the students and those who are incomplete we can make them stand out.
So I was enjoying it very well as I was now uncatchable I can roam in the class room for checking for students and can   also do different kinds of mischievous activity. I was also in the karate club and this was making my image in the school. In august we were having karate demonstration in our school and we were surrounded by all the students of the school and principal sir and other dignitaries were on the stage.
 I was the only one in the whole school who was having black belt, so in the demonstration I showed them different moves of mine. Different Katas  (procedural execution of moves)and tiles breaking. Everyone was impressed by us and specially the principal, sir knew me by my name and this was privilege for me.
Now I was well known in the whole school and like everyone knew me by name, it was really exciting for me and I was enjoying it more than anyone. I was also in the club to improve my skills and got my black belt in karate from there.

The Praposal…..

                It was 4th of august and I was going out for tournament, before that I went to school to attend half day and had taken leaves for some days. I was about to leave the school premises and was exited for the tournament as I was going to fight with some worthy opponents over there. My principal was to improve skills but not by using it against anyone. No one would believe me but I was against fights, as my dad and my master’s taught me that this art is for self defense and I can use it only in the ring not outside, so I use to participate in different tournaments to evaluate myself. While heading towards the gate I was stopped because someone was calling me from behind.
It was Angle and she was running towards me.
“ hey stop…” she stopped me while breathing heavily
“ hey whats you doing here, recesses is going to end and  I told you yesterday itself that I am  going out for couple of days” I replied while looking at her
“ ya I know but I want to wish you luck for that” she replied
“ oh is that so thank you very much” I replied with smile
“ and there is something that I need to tell you as well” she looked straight into my eyes
“ ok what is it “ I was confused about her I need to tell you something. These things always use to confuse me as girls mind and behavior are unpredictable.
“ what forgot your lunch again” after a pause I replied
She was quit and was not making any gestures or facial expression
“ what is it tell me is everything all right” I replied again as there was nothing but silence
“ no something is wrong” she replied with her eyes closed
“ what is it tell me” I was worried as because of her reply and the delay for the bus to catch.
“ I don’t know how to say it but I need your help in this” she replied while opening her eyes slowly.
“ my help?? Tell me so that I can help you and say it fast as I am getting late for the bus” I was looking towards the main gate and was confused that for what she was asking me. As I was making my mind setup for the tournament and was much dedicated towards it.
“ ya I know about your tournament thing  but listen to me at least” she was looking at me with some kind of hopping eyes. Her eyes were much bigger than usual days.
“ I am listening go ahead” I looked at her and was wondering what she was going to tell me
“ Will you be my world” she looked at me with her crossed fingers.
“ will you be with me all the time with your heart and soul” she continued again
“I.. I.. “ I was choked
“ as I am totally committed with you with my heart and soul” she continued while looking at me
Everything around me was looking like in slow motion and slowly everything was vanishing from my sight. A slow blow of wind was blowing through my hairs and drops of sweat were making me wet. Is this real is she is proposing me what is it was I dreaming or something.
“ is this a propose” I replied with confusion and also to conform it
“ yes it is, what were you thinking” she replied with a smile
“ I don’t know, weather I am ready for it or not”
“ what you don’t like me at all? “ she replied with seriousness
“ no not like that I like you but…”
“ but what is there anything wrong with me and you “ she continued
“ actually I thought this love thing is applicable when we enter college” this was my thinking about love, because as per my knowledge love can be started in the college only with appropriate age
“ what are you talking about” she asked me with eagerness.
“ don’t you watch movies? In that the boy and girl use to fell in love only when they are in college” I replied to acknowledge her about the love conditions as per my opinion.
“ what kind of philosophy is this” she relied with confusion after my answer
“ you really don’t watch movies? It tells us that we should have right age for all this I replied with confusion
“ I think your top flour is empty, its love for god sake and it doesn’t come with age limit” she replied with a raise in her voice.
“ really is it” I asked her to conform
“ yes don’t worry about it I’ll explain it to later but tell me whether you want to be or…” again her eyes were wide enough
“ I need time to think can you give me some time “ I replied with a question mark in my face
“ yes go ahead take you own sweet time” she replied
Suddenly the recesses bell rang and she waved bye to me and headed towards the class. Before sometime I was making my strategy for my tournament and now I was thinking about her and was confused and was walking towards the gate I was so lost in the thoughts that I banged my head with the gate, which helped me out to know that all that happened was for real and I was not dreaming.  
This situation was creating a new world in me and I was stuck in the middle of it. There was mixture of emotions in which I was confused how to react weather to be happy or serous. Somehow I managed myself towards the tournament area and started warming up for the fights. I fought for three rounds with each contender and qualified for the semi-finals.
                Semi-final round started and the referee was briefing us about the rules and the points and the fight started. Just before few second before the ring the referee told us that “ this is your world” this sentence diverted my focus from the fight towards Angle and I was lost in her I was thinking about her and how she proposed me and was smiling from inside and out as well.
 As the fight was on I suddenly realize that the opponent was beating me up but I was unable to feel anything I thought as if Angle was kicking me and I was enjoying it. Round one was over and I was beaten up by the other guy my coach was telling me to concentrate in fight and was telling me some strategy I guess but I was in the other world and was not even able to understand what he was talking about. The only thing I understood was this is second round with “do or die” condition.
I was getting beaten up in there. I entered in the ring and was focused this time we bowed and the bell ranged and I lost again in her as if she was with me for the last time and I was staring her when the recesses bell ranged. After few time I felt some pain in my nose shit I was bleeding the other guy kicked me on the face. Now I was pissed off as I use to get more dangerous when I see blood, the blood triggered me out of my dream world, the referee was about to disqualify him but I stopped him and requested him to start the fight somehow he agreed and this time I was on. The round stared and before he can do anything I started attacking him with thrust kicks and my combo 2-1-2 kick. I won the second round and the final round as well with score of 2-1. Tournament was organized for two days and I had fun in there.

                I went home after the tournament and was so tired after the journey and the fights. I taken a shower and had some snakes and went directly towards my room as I don’t wanted that mom should notice about the injury.
 I jumped into my bed and coved myself with the blanket. It was evening and I was sleepy but I was thinking about her for the whole time and even in the dreams. She was chasing me all the time and her words were striking in my mind.
                In my dream world I started thinking about her and was listing positive and negative points about her. She was having many positive points and I was unable to recollect any negative point about her. Then I thought about her hands and this helps me out to make the decision.

                I went to the school and was feeling strange that day as I was about to give my answer to her. First half of the school hour passed very slowly and I was waiting for the recesses to come fast and every minute was passing like hour. I fell asleep in the class to pass the time. When I woke up the recesses was about to get started and finally the time came. I went near the tree which use to be our meeting point and she was already there waiting for me.
“ hey how are you” Angle asked me while looking at me.
“ I am fine” I replied with looking here and there.
“ what happen to your nose” she asked me
“ nothing just minor injury” I said
“ so how was the tournament went ok I guess” she looked at me and was still concentrated on my nose.
“ ya it was good experience, I won” I replied with covering my nose.
“ oh that’s great so when are you giving party?” she replied with smile.
“ let’s see”  I relied while running my eyes all over the area and was making sure that we are alone there.
“ sooo” she looked at me with her mouth open, I was bit worried when she  stretches the single word
“  you are asking for the reply I guess” I replied while noticing her body language
“ yes I am “ she replied with crossed fingers.
I don’t know her way of crossing fingers but I use to cross my fingers when I use to lie.
“ I thought about it for long time and I came up with a decision ” I replied while looking down.
“please tell me fast I am dying to know “ she came close to me and was looking at me with her big eyes.
“ I am ready for it, I’ll love to spend my life with you with my heart and soul” I looked at her and came to know that she was holding my hand which I didn’t noticed while I was replying her.
“ thank you soo much I love you” she hugged me all of a sudden.
Then she asked me to wait and she will be back in a minute. She went towards the gate. I was standing there and was feeling relaxed that finally I told her and was feeling shy that she hugged me in a public place. I waited at the same place and didn’t moved even an inch and was enjoying the weather and the cold breeze.
Everything suddenly   was looking so beautiful and before that time I never came to know about the same place which I was visiting for the last 2-3 months. All the beautiful thoughts were running into my mind and I was excited about it. I noticed her coming towards me with something in her hands.
“ what is it” I asked her pointing her hands.
“ its Cadbury and a chocolate cake” she opened the  box and shown me.
“ how come you know it’s my favorite” I replied with confusion.
“ actually don’t .. it’s my favorite” she replied with a smile.
I was so glad that she came up with all that and the first time in my life a girl fade me with her own hands. I use to have sufficient diet but this time I shared the cake and the chocolate with her but I was full, I was astonished that how come I am not hungry and I left the Tiffin untouched. We had beautiful time together and we were enjoying each other’s company. 
                Angle asked me about my feelings about her and how I felt when she proposed me, I told her the whole story in story and she was laughing at me while looking on my nose. She was looking so cute and was glowing I was speechless that time.
She told me about my nature and which she likes about me the most, she told me something’s which I didn’t even noticed about myself. There was one thing that she told me about me which I can’t forgot throughout my life, she told me that “it’s easy to understand you and to know you it may take a day to know you well but someone should have that kind of eyes to see the inner side of you”. I was so much pleased when she told me about it and was glad that she believes in me.

No Limits
                Now we were together and use to have more interaction, we use to talk through phones and use to spend much time. We use to have endless talks on our life and about our childhood as well. We use to share each and every aspect of our life and share problems with each other. Sharing something with gives more importance to that person; it creates more value and believes. Love means a mixture of caring, sharing, believing, understanding, and many more things which cannot be banded in words.
                Being in school doesn’t permit us to have more time with each other and Angle use to complain me about that all the times about that. But nothing was in our hands only second Saturday and Sunday use to be holiday and in which we use to spend with our parents. My mind was running all the time so as to get some solution about the condition but use to end up with no appropriate solution.

                Finally I got a solution accidentally, which helped me out. I was in class and was feeling bored that day and my friends were also feeling the same so bunked the class in the second period itself and went into the ground to play cricket. We noticed that principal sir was absent that day and therefore the danger was less. We went into the ground and some students were playing there so we got mixed up with them. We were playing cricket in the basket ball court with a wooden bat taken out of a bench and with a plastic ball stolen by me from the chemistry lab. The plastic ball was used in the lab for some atom structure but I thought it’s better to know about atoms from the book than that of model. We were playing and were enjoying the time and the game.

                Playing cricket in such a small area use to come up with lots of rules like one tip one hand out, if ball goes outside the court directly means out and many more. We were using the half court but the rules were more than the usual game, but still we were enjoying. I was balling and was about to throw the ball but suddenly someone taped me from back but I was so into the game that I refused to look around and was telling others to concentrate on the game. Then I looked around and noticed that the vice principal madam was there and I thought here we go again for some punishment. She ordered us to come into her office with our bags, my friends were scared and I was too. She scolded us with top of her voice and suspended all of us for two days. One among us was about t cry but somehow he managed to control it.
                We were thing that what we should do now for two days if our parents come to know about this then they will kill us one of my friend showed the other side of this punishment. But we were happy that at least we can go out of school now and it was very adventures for us to go out at the school time when everyone is banging their heads on the books and benches. Suddenly I thought about Angle that I can take out her from the back gate and we can spend time, BINGO this is it I finally got solution. I rushed into her class and told the teacher that her father has came to meet her on the gate and was calling her for some documents. Angle noticed my crossed figures and knew that I was lying and nothing was there. Teacher permitted her to go and check on it. She came out and started asking questions.

“ what happened why you called me outside” Angle asked me with confusion.
“ how come you know that I was lying out there” I replied while looking the corridors.
“ I seen your crossed figures” she told as she noticed
“ ok so listen we can go out of school in the next period just come as soon as the bell rings” I told her about the next move.
“ why you are not attending class and how come we’ll go out of the main gate there security guard there” she was confused about the situation.
“ just come na. we’ll go through the back gate” I told her about the plan to escape from the school.
“ what you mean bunking school? I never bunked a single class.” She acknowledged me about her regularity and was feeling tensed.
“ don’t worry just come we’ll have fun” I replied to comfort her.
“ actually I can’t as I am having class test of the same teacher  who permitted me to go out just now, and it’s in the second last period” she replied
“ ok then can you come tomorrow then?” I asked her whether it will be possible to do it the next day.
“ I’ll think upon it and will tell you in the evening” she replied while looking the watch.
“ ok then tell me afterwards. Now go to your class and I’ll see you tomorrow bye” I noticed about her condition and given her the way to proceed towards her class.
“ ok bye” she replied and rushed towards her class.

                Now I was with my friends and we planned to go outside to see different places. We went outside and got into local train and headed towards Howrah. The cool thing about local train is that the ticket checker never checks the students in uniform and which means we’ll have free journey. We were enjoying the train and were visiting different places. Kolkata is so beautiful place where peoples are friendly and atmosphere is just mind blowing. We were having fun and were watching girls in the train and off the train.
Soon we came to know that it was 1pm and school is about to end by 1:40pm so we got forty minutes to reach there and we can go home at our usual daily time. We reached school on time as per the plan and the same plan was applicable for the next day. So we planned to take only couple of notebooks so that the weight of the bag should not bother us.
                We went home as per plan and no one doubted us. I called Angle in the evening to ask her about her decision about bunking.
“ hello where were you in the recesses, I was searching you” she picked up the cal in only two rings.
“ how come you know it’s me”  I was so happy that she was waiting for my call and pleased by her voice.
“ I know you more than you know yourself” she replied
“ humm is it?” I asked her
“ yes it is, so tell me where were you”
“ I told you about my plan no so I went outside with my friends” I replied
“ I thought you were kidding” she replied
“ I was not kidding that time, you were busy then I went outside with my friends”
“ ok ok “ she replied
“ so what about tomorrow are you coming, whether it will be ok for you” I asked her with changing my voice pitch so as to divert her.
“ actually I never bunked a single period and you are asking me to bunk school are you out of your mind?”
“ yes mam I am, hey come on it will be fun I guarantee you” I replied
“ are you sure, what will happen if someone catch us?”
“ no one will catch us I am expert in this bunking thing” I replied
“ I am not expert na “
“ it will be fine don’t worry I am with you just come, we’ll be back before the school  over’s”
“ ok then where shall I meet you?” she replied
“ thank god, meet me near the shopping complex I’ll wait there”
“ ok, hey I’ll call you  after dinner ok” she replied
“ ya fine bye”
“ bye and love you”
“ love you too”

                Finally she agreed to come out with me and for the first time we were going out. After listening love you from her I was so happy and was planning for the next big day. I want to make it special for her so that she could never forget it, and was planning for it.

                We met near the shopping complex and I was happy to see her again. She was looking soo cute that day. We were about to leave out side for our plan but suddenly it was raining; both of us were wet and ran towards a shade. The drop lets of rain increased her beauty and she was looking so gorgeous. Each drop was putting his full efforts to make her more and more beautiful.
My eyes were stuck on her and were unable to move them. I use to wonder why in many movies the couples use to love the rain but today I got it what may be behind it. Her clothes were half wet and the water was flowing down her face towards the belly, I wished I could be that droplet. She was drying herself was looking even beautiful. She asked me for my handkerchief but most of the time I use to forget it and today was the day included.
Most of the time I use to dry up my face using my shirt only and if I need to dry my hands it use to put them in my pockets and dried them and no one use to doubt it as well.
“ you forgot to bring your hanker chief today?” Angle asked me while using her duppatta over her face.
“ yes I forgot most of the time it’s the same story.” I replied while staring her and was enjoying watching her.
“ try to keep it with you its good habit” Angle replied with observing that I was wet too.
“ ya I’ll do so” I replied as this was same sentence which my mom use to tell me.
“ you are all wet.. Let me help you” she stared rubbing my head with her duppatta.
                She didn’t noticed me before that I was wet too still it’s so nice of her that she is doing it by herself. She was soo close to that I was getting the fragrance of her body; it was so pleasant that I closed my eyes and was enjoying it. I like the fragrance of soil in rainy season but I loved her more than that.
“ so what’s the plan where are we going?” Angle was asked me and kissed me on my cheeks.
“ tell me na” she continued again after she kissed me.
I was like hang and was still working on believing that she kissed me. It was awesome feeling and wanted her to do that again.
“ repeat the question again” I asked her naughtily
“ I said what’s the plan” she repeated
“ no I was expecting  the whole question with the action” I hold her hands and looked into her eyes
“ you are so naughty I like your cheeks that’s why done it” she replied with holding my other hand
“ hummm is it, so for your kind information I got two cheeks” I replied while showing her my other cheek.
“ acha??” she came near me and kissed me again
I enjoyed that she kissed me again. I was like in the mood of Once more.. Once more, and wanted her to do it all the time.
“ happy now.. now tell me how come you came up with this plan and don’t cross your fingers ok?” she replied with a smile.
But I was still lost in her and was rewinding and playing the time when she was kissing me in my mind. Along with that I was still looking a small drop of rain flowing down her neck.
“ actually something happened that’s why I came up with this plan, as you were asking me for time to spend together and I was unable to come up with solution so asked you to bunk school”
“ oks you already bunked yesterday na? so how come today again your doing the same?” she asked while holding my hands.
“Actually I am not bunking, you are” I replied
“how come?” she asked me while putting her head on my shoulder.
“Actually vice pricy suspended me”
“ what? What did you do “ she interpret me and looked  at me while taking out her hands from mine
Shit what have I done I was not worried about my suspension but about the position in which we were seconds ago. I grabbed her hand and told her about the whole story and was making her comfortable. There was nothing to worry as it was for two days only and explained her and got back into the same position as before. Angle was laughing at me and asked to be more sincere and disciplined. Both of these words not in my dictionary, but I still agreed with her so that I could spend more time. Soon rain stopped and we went out.
                Now it was time to execute the plan and I was running out of my schedule. I took her first in a temple as I was more diverted towards temples. We were standing together in the temple and folded our hand, I closed my eyes and was talking to God.
“Dear god the girl standing with me is my girlfriend, do you like her? Actually I think you do, that’s why she is with me this is possible only because of your blessing on both of us, please take care of her as the way you take care of me and shower your blessings on us, thank you for your support and I know you are always with me love you god and thank you again”
I opened my eyes and bowed my head to touch the ground. We went near the priest and he gave Laddu to both of us. This was good sign that I imagined that god is also happy for both of us.
We then had a boat ride which was for couples, but the sailor was not agreeing to allow us but I managed to take her boat by offering some extra money. He agreed and we enjoyed the boat ride for couple of hours. On the way she gifted me a handkerchief and told me not to forget this one at least.   Later I took her to a small restraint for lunch and on time we were back near the school and she thanked me with a hug for the great time that we spend today. Soon the mob of students came out of the gate and we mixed up with them, showing that we are among them. Angle given me a flying kiss and waved me.

Rules are Huddles.

                I was working on my list and was string out the activity one by one. Well executed plan helped me out to get out of the situation. I entered in the principal’s office to discuses about the inter school championship. Couple of friends came with to give me company as we all were scared of him (principal sir). We were discussing about our practice so as to get more time for our practice. Actually the aim was to get permission to practice in the last two periods. While discussing with sir we came to know that sir was friendly and supporting and encouraging us to work hard for it. Sir agreed for practice but allowed us to do it in the last period only, we were happy, not because we can practice but because we can avoid attending the last period.
 Mean while sir got a call and went out. This was the best time to strike another item from my list. I was looking at the toilet and was ready to empty my tank there. I started approaching the gate and both of my friends were panicked. I went inside and was done with the activity. Somehow I was safe and just after some seconds sir came and signed on our application. Mission was accomplished.
Every activity in my list was going just fine and the activities were increasing as well.
                I was raining, and I was getting bored in the class room so I decided to go out and play football as our Hindi ma’am was absent. It was self study call so it means BOORING class for me. Just thinking of self studding Hindi was kind of joke to me.
                I went out in the field and started playing in the rain. We decided to play but without our shits. This will help us to attend the next class and no one will be able to notice our wet pants. But in the middle of the game our class teacher found us and we were suspended again but this time we’ll have brought our parents next day.
                We went outside the school and were confused what to do? Couple of my friends ready for it but as usual I wasn’t. so I decided to convince a rickshaw puller to do so but later I came to know it’s a bad idea. I decided to call on of my friend who was in Air force as my brother.
                Next day I went to school hopping that he would come but in the very first period my class teacher asked me about my parents I told them they’ll come by next period or so. But my so called brother didn’t show up. But there was no worries as couple of my friends were with their parents so in that jumbled atmosphere teacher forgot about me and I was safe.
I planned to take Angel out for some fun. So for that I asked her to skip school. And fortunately she agreed. It was a pleasant day and both of us were out for a long drive and were enjoying a lot. We were having chats and I was unable to concentrate neither on driving nor on her talks. Actually my concentration was to find a place where no one is there. Nothing like I was out with my girlfriend, but I wanted to pee.
                I found it! Thank god! I stopped my bike and asked her to stand near it. I rushed towards a bush and emptied my tank. What a pleasure I was having. I closed my eyes and was enjoying it a lot, actually more than a lot. I came out and was about to get back on the bike.
“ what happened?” Angle asked me with a strange look
“nothing lets go” I approached the bike
“ what were you doing behind the bush” she pointed towards the bush
“ natural call” i replied
“ sheeeeeee” she stepped back
“ what’s wrong with that” in a confused manner I looked at her
“ you didn’t washed your hands” again she stepped back
“and you are doing to ride with this dirty hands” after a pause she came up with this thought.
I don’t know why girls are so much concerned about this small thing. I never thought of that. Weather they are jealous that boys can go for their peeing process anywhere they want and not girls can’t do that.
“ so what’s wrong in this, come on lets go” I was confused with her expression
“ no no no nothing doing, until you wash your hands you’ll not get on this bike” she stared the bike
“ so what shall I do?” with a confusion I replied.
“follow me”
What can a poor boyfriend do when her girlfriend orders to follow her? And I was not having any choice as she was ahead of me. I ran faster to catch her but the throttle was in her hand and she was away again. She knows how to ride and that was my minus point. I walked for five kilometers and found a small tea stall. I washed my hands and she passed me the keys. Rules to be clean had exhausted me.

The Destination

                It was a Sunday and I was playing cricket with my friends. We lost the toss and for a long time we were bowling and fielding as. I use to be all rounder but fielding was the most boring part of cricket for me. Selection of caption in my team was appointed according to his decision while tossing. If we won the toss then he’ll be caption for the next game otherwise next one will be given chance.
                The time came to bat. But again it was quit boring to wait till the other one is out. What a game it is but eventually I’ll bat as I was up the queue. I was batting and we were chasing the target of 72. I was batting and our partnership was going fine. We were in some sort of relationship while playing it’s complicated. One has to hit and the other one will take singles and doubles to rotate the strike.
                I was on strike and was playing well. I got a call and it flashed Angle on the screen. Oh got what a timing she got she could have called me when I was waiting for my batting. Why is he calling now?.
I picked her call and she called me to meet her in her house. I replied with a yes and stared batting again.
                She called me to come home what would have happened. Different thoughts were running in my mind and because of that I was not able to concentrate on batting. And on the very next ball I was out. I can do one job at a time and because of which I got clean bold. Now I got no choice but to leave towards her house.
                I reached colony and was waiting for her. I saw her coming towards me. She was wearing black salwar kameez with a black duppatta. She was looking very attractive in that outfit. Her skin was shinning, her hairs were open which was covering her shoulders. Bright sun was on her side and helping her to be like in a spot light.
                What a wonderful day and more than that what a wonderful girlfriend I had. I was congratulating myself for her looks. She came near me and all I can say was ooolala.
                She told me to follow her so that no one should notice us together. I was following her and was just ten feet’s away. We almost reached her place.
                But in the gate I saw a son of a bitch. What the hell what he is doing here? It was her dog and was really a son of a bitch. He started baking at me.
Bhow bhow bhow bhow… he was barking at me with all his efforts as someone has instructed him to do so and he was giving his more than cent percent. Because of this crazy dog someone will notice me and this thought was making me uncomfortable.
                Angle stopped him and given me the way to come in. now the hard part was over for me. She showed her room and the place from where she uses to call me. All this was very exciting for me. Her parents were out and we make full use of it to spend time together.
`               For three hours we were together and I had my lunch with her, which she cooked for me. We had a wonderful time together. We had endless talks and were enjoying being together.
                Our discussion came up with the thought of marriage. We decided about our house and colures combinations which will be used for painting the wall. Now a question came up about the kids. She didn’t like kids but I was opposite about this thought. Somehow she agreed to have for single kid but my plan was to have at least two.
                Her parents were about to came which means I’ll have to leave. I rushed towards the door but that son of bitch started his bhow bhow again. She stopped him and I kicked bike to reach home.
                She called me in the evening. Now she was calling me doggy. She gave me a new name which she liked the most. She told me that she loves her dog more than me. By heard those words from her I was jealous from her dog. For me now he was like my competitor.
                I asked her that she prefers her dog more than me and she replied yes. But before I could continue she said she loves dog and I was her doggy now which means she loves me the most. I took a deep breath after that and was relaxed now. For me my competitor (her dog) was defeated now. I was happy now.
                She stared calling me doggy all the time-which I liked the most. I love to hear when she uses to call me doggy which shows her love and believe in me.

                You are the most beautiful creature that god has created on earth. A boy came near the girl and holds her hands. Both of them were breathing heavily. I thought both of them are Asthma patient. But it was my miss concept. They are in love and were feeling each other’s breath.
                The girl came closer to the guy and closed her eyes. The guy looked at her and closed her eyes as well. Both of them touched their lips with each other. Neither one of them cared about the peoples around them and was into each other. Lips were rubbing each other and soon they started kissing. With all passion and their eyes were like half open. But still they were into each other.
                I was observing them and put my eyes near the screen to notice all the activity. This may be the reason by which souls came together I thought and no one can separate the love between them. It was the most romantic and the most intact movement of life which will keep them together for rest of their lives.
                Eyes were like dowsing and this was the time that they will never forgot till there death. All these thoughts were running into my mind. And I wanted them to be together.
                For me kissing is the only way by which one can offer his life to the other one. And no force in the whole world can separate them at all.
                I looked at them with my whole concentration and  was noticing their movements. Every single detail was essential for me. I noticed the guy use to bend his head towards right. This was the position of kissing.
                If guy is bending his head towards right then the girl should do it in opposite manner. So to conform it I switched couple of channels for the perfect position.
                But in the next channel the guy had done it in opposite manner. What actually is the way to do it right? So how to do it in clockwise or anticlockwise rotation!.

The Question

                I woke up in morning and was unable to figure it out. Still when there is a will there is a way. I motivated myself and went to school. It was pre Diwali period so most of the students use to bring crackers in the school. And obviously when they are bringing it then they will use it for sure.
                Principal Sir instructed all the appointees to look after the students. Sir ordered us to maintain the decorum and discipline of the school. So it was our prime duty to do so.
                I got duty to check the class rooms during the assembly to conform that no one is busting crackers. But I was doing it in opposite way I was checking whether anyone is observing me or not.
                I reached to my class room and taken out the big bomb out of my bag. It was equal to size of my fist. As I never been in the girls toilet, I decided to go there and set it. For this I also took a Motrin coil and a match box to set the timer.
                Assembly stated and as per my timing of bomb it went off. The sound was soo loud that everyone noticed it. Toilet helped to give echo effect. All the appointees rushed towards the place but there was nothing but smoke coming out of the toilet. No one came to know who it was.
It was a master stroke
                Principal Sir instructed us to control such kind of activity. And on the very next day announced that students are permitted to burst there crackers in the last period.
                Everyone was happy. Sir knows our feelings and supported us for the same.


It was half day and I asked Angle to visit a pond near school. Actually it was bit far but somehow we managed to go over there. Both of us were sitting side by side. Pond was clean and we were enjoying the nature.
                This was the good time to kiss her but in mixture of excitements and fear I forgot the initial procedure to do it. Situation was kind of crucial for me but this was the time to do so.
                I grabbed her hand all of a sudden, but she was ok with it. I looked at her but she was more interested or I can say attracted towards the fishes of the pond.
                I was getting uncomfortable with it, as I wanted to kiss her. It was like now or never situation for me. So I jumped in front of her.
“ I want to kiss you”
I don’t know why girls are such curios about repeating question. They use to react like they never ever heard such words. 
“ kiss yar kiss, in Hindi puppy” with a motto to explain about my thought.
“ chup pagal kuch bhi”( are you mad, whatever) she smiled
I was confused again weather she what to do it or not. On one side she was smiling and was holding my hand and on the other side she was neglecting it. So what to do now? I was confused.
I took my position again beside her and kept quit for fifteen minutes. I got an idea it was way different but can help me out of it.
I saw a snake, which was water snake. I know about it as I seen them in Discovery channel, and also on road near my garage. There was nothing to worry about it as they are nonpoisonous. So I grabbed the snake form behind.
I was soo excited about it as it was the first time that I was holding a snake. I showed her the snake. She freaked out and stared screaming top of her lungs. I thought it was a bad idea but this was the only idea I got.
“ now will you kiss me or shall I allow this snake to bite me?” I looked at her and was holding the snake on my left hand.
“ what are you doing? Leave it now please for god sake!” with a scared expression she replied.
“ I am not going to let it go until you kiss me” I was so sure about it
“ don’t do it please”
“ so will you kiss me now?”
“ ok baba I’ll” she looked into my eyes and her eyes were full of shame and with no other option
                She came near me and I told her that it’s our first kiss so I want to do it in perfect manner. She nodded and I explained her about the whole process which I noticed in the move. She was looking at me with her full attention.
                We came closer and were now berthing heavily. We were now looking straight into each other’s eyes. It was going well as per my knowledge. She came near me and we stared kissing. With whole passion we were kissing.
                Her wet lips were having the sweetest taste I ever tasted. I was feeling her breath and our lips were in between each other. My lips were holding her upper lips and she was doing the same. All our love and passion was into it. She squeezed my lower lip and her lips were too juicy and tasted the best.
                She got her attention towards the snake which was still on my hand, which I forgot completely. Kissing her for sometimes make me feel like to be with her until my last breath. Both of us were quite now and our eyes were dowsing. It was perfect and I wanted it to do for the rest of the time.
                We were speechless and were still into each other. I dropped her home and while coming back was still thinking of her.

Special day

                It was the first time as we were couple and our birthday came closer. I planned to celebrate her birthday so that she could never forget it. I want to make it a special day to her in which she could live all of her.               
                I forgot about my own birthday which I never use to forgot and panned nothing for it. Though I enjoyed a lot on my birthday and was looking forward for her birthday to come. My parents had given me multiple surprised which I enjoyed and liked a lot and also kept that in my mind to do the same with her.
                Now it was her birthday and it was my turn to make it special. I bought different chocolates for her and some fifty or sixty roses. I entered in her class and separated the petals and put them on the ceiling fan. I bought some packets of chocolates to distribute them in the students.
                She entered the class and I was waiting for her. She was just beneath the fan and I switched it on. The whole petals fell like showers and she was stunned by it. I closed the dour as there was no one in the class. And stared singing Happy birthday to you….  Happy birthday to you….  Happy birthday… Happy birthday to you. She came running towards me and hugged me tight. I was happy more than she was as she liked it. Then I distributed the chocolates and bought a cake for her.
                Her happiness was making me happier. She touched my feet and told me that she is all mines her heart and soul are now all mine. A small drop of tear came out of her eye and she hugged me tight.
                She whispered in my ears “you know water shakes doesn’t bite”. And I came to know that she knows about the snake and she kissed me that day not because of fear but because of my madness. Which she liked the most. She kissed me again in the class room but for fraction of seconds. It was short but sweet. I wanted it to continue but it was school time so it was quick.
                I bought her gifts which she liked, a small teddy bear with some roses. Her eyes were twinkling like the stars I was unable to figure out what actually was making her eyes, her tears or the happiness, joy, satisfaction, relief were coming out of her eyes.

No Pain no Gain
                It was middle of the afternoon and I was having lunch in the living room. While watching TV I was enjoying the meal. I was having a tournament in the next week for which I was practicing hard. I use to practice with a candle and punch hard until the flame is off. Again I use to light it up and increase my distance from it.
                For the tournament I was in a need of some leaves from school for which I got an idea. I wrote an application in which I declared about a death of my grandfather, and the reasons were appropriate so I got the leaves.
                Actually my grandfather had died couple of years back and here nobody knows that. It was my simple formula to kill those family members or relative who are dead already or does not exist.
                It was my last day before I leave the school and I talked with my Angle before that. I told her that I’ll come soon and this will be quick. She was not permitting me for it as she doesn’t like fighting stuff. Somehow I managed to convey her and promised her that this time I’ll come with minimum injury.
                Now it was time to concentrate on the event and put some efforts. Soon the tournament was over but I was runner up. I was happy with my performance and winning was not important to me. Rather I believe in performing.
                I called her after the tournament and had some normal talks. Mostly the discussion was about the tournament but she use to listen to me whatever I use to say. Even if she is not knowledgeable about it or not interested in it but still she use to listen to me and I also use to do the same.
                I heaved a sigh of relief when I finally reached school to meet her. I searched her in the whole school but was unable to find her. I was confused that yesterday only I told her that I’ll come to school but she was not there to meet me.
                I went to her classmate to know whether she is absent or not. I called her out to know about her. She told me that she is not feeling well that’s why she is absent today. I know that she was lying as I spoke to her yesterday. I asked her again for the reason, but after complete pause of two long minutes she spoke up.
                She told me that a guy was troubling her for the last couple of days and yesterday that guy grabbed her hand and proposed her. Angle took a promise from her that not to disclose this to me. But she told me about the condition.
                I was on fire now and asked her to take me to that guy how did this. I searched him after the school but in so many crowds I was unable to find him. The next day was Sunday so it was not possible to know about him so I waited for Monday to come.
                On Sunday I met her and scolded her that she didn’t told me about that guy. She was scared. Not from that guy but from me as she knows what could be the outcome. I told her huddles come in the way of life and it’s upon us how we tackle it; running away is not the option.
                Monday came and I was ready to teach a lesion to that guy. Firstly I asked the guy for his behavior but he ended up with holding my collar. He was senior but his activity went too far for me. I stared punching him and fight was on. I was about to break his arm but some students came to stop the fight. That guy was beaten like hell was bleeding. Somehow it was over and I warned him not to be around her again.
                I went straight to Angle and told her that, that guy will not trouble her again. She was quite but her quietness was not bothering me. It was important to do so. But in accordance to girls fighting creates negative image. Still as per me remaining silent and doing nothing against wrong was not an option.
                I called Angle in the evening to have some normal talk to make her comfortable. I don’t know why she was silent during the whole time during the call and was replying with only ‘humm’. Maybe she was astonished as she never saw this side of mine.
                I wanted her to talk but she was not in the mood so boost her up I stared singing. “ wo lamhe wo bate” was her most liking song but she loves when I use to sing for her. It was daily practice for her to listen to my songs and went up the bed. She liked my voice as I learned singing as well. So to bring her mood back I stared singing after some time she said I Love You. What a relief I got, I thanked god and told her to go to bed now as it was quarter to two.


After some days the same guy came to me with his friends. They stared beating me up in the back playground. All five of them were just kicking me as I fell on the ground and warned me in the same manner as I warned that guy before.
I was in pain and was unable to walk properly. But it’s a simple principal that fighting is give and take policy.
It has taken me almost four days to recover. But I didn’t miss the school. Instead I used bit cleverness by not bringing myself in front of those guys. I was not fit so it was necessary step back.
After a week I was fit to go for it and searched that guy. I explained him clearly that if he got problem with me then he should deal with it one-on-one. As I was accompanied with my friends he agreed to do so.
We were out of school and the simple rule was to be in a circle of his and my friends and no one will come in between. And after that no one will bother the other one. I called it five minutes result game. One can use only his body part and no other means. The fight started and ended with my victory.
                All my friends and I celebrated the victory and went towards the nearest sweet shop for some Rasgullas. We use to go t any sweet shop and always use to be in search of sponsor.  One of my friend Arun bought a pen it was costing two rupees but it’s was new and it was party time for me. I saw him purchasing pen from a book shop and dragged him to the near sweet shop I was with my friend and had sweets and told Arun to pay up as it was his treat.

Escape Plan

                It didn’t take too long for me to be to make good friends. My friendly nature helped me out to make those people in my friend list who were working in Air Force. I use to play with them in the evening and almost everyone in the ground knows me.
                We use to go for swimming together and do different stuffs as well. It was kind of cool that a school student is having such big friends. Swimming pool was one of my favorite places where I use to do different acrobats and there was less chance of injury.
                One day I found a snake in the pool and all of us started catching it. I went outside and came in with a small rope. One of us taken a net to catch the snake and the other one hold it to throw it out. But I wanted to do something else with that. I tied the rope on tail and stared playing with it.
                I took the snake out as the way we use to take our dog. Everyone was watching me and was giving different reaction on that.
                I wanted to take that snake to school to show my friends. The big problem was where to keep it? I chose my garage as my mom will freak out if she noticed it. I took the snake in the garage and left it there.
                Next morning I reached to my garage and noticed that the snake was not there. He could have escaped when dad taken out his bike to go for his duty. Now all my fun of bring the snake was one in vain.

                One night while talking with Angle she told me that to come to her place. It was midnight I told her about the time but she insisted to come as she wanted to see me. She insisted to come as she was not going to come to school next day. So I got no option but to go there.
                Somehow I managed to come out of my house and taken out the bike. I stared the bike after taking it away from my house. It was a horrible night for me as the uncle in the guard room duty was not allowing me to go out but I bluffed him and went towards her.
                I reached her house and called her. She came out in her balcony and I put the bike on main stand. We stared taking again as her father was having night shift that day. I told her that thank god “ tera baap nai hai”( your father is not there). I use to call her father as Baap and with a bit of aggression she use to correct it by saying “ Baap nai Papa”.
                It was now a pleasant night for me as I was with her. I was lying on my bike and she was standing. I was more comfortable than her. Someone tapped from behind holy shit it was her Baap. He noticed that her daughter was in balcony and I was talking to her.
                I hung up the cal and was scared now really scared. He came before time and now I was dead. He stared staring me and went just near the gate to check out something. I kicked my bike and somehow managed to escape from there. It was really close.
                For some days she didn’t came to school and I didn’t even called her. She called me one day and told me that now her father knows about me and is very angry upon both of us. So she told me not to come there for a while, which means for a long time or never I guess.
                There was a possibility that her father may come to school to catch me. But before he do so I use to escape from school and if I came to know it early I use to skip the school.


                Diwali vacation was about to come and I wanted to meet her in any condition. So I went up to her place to see her. It was a kind of uncontrollable feeling which was killing me inside. I reached near her house and called her.
                Fortunately she picked up the cal and I called her out so that I could see her. She came and I was happy to see her again. It was my lucky day. Her parents were out and she was alone in her house. I talked with her and waved bye with a flying kiss.
                 Now I headed towards the exit gate and my lucky day turned unlucky. Her Baap was coming and was just some meters away from me. I prayed god that he should not recollect me and my activity. But I guess god was busy that day.
                He saw me and shouted loudly to stop me. Now I was surrounded with people and her father stared me and all I can say was Namaste uncle after that he straight away taken me to the police station. The people in the station welcomed him as if they were waiting for him.
                Now there was no escape for me. He told them about my activity and handled me over them.
                What an adventurous day it is, I never been in the police station before. I was observing the area and thought that they will give me some lecture. I was habitual of it and was able to tackle it. And it will be over.
                Things were not going the way as I was thinking. They asked me couple of questions and ordered me to lay down. The whole control was in there hands so I did what they wanted.
                  The position was bit comfortable as I was lying on my belly. But the whole joy came to an end when they stared banging there sticks on to my flat foot. Ouch that hurts I screamed but they were unstoppable that time. Both my flat foots were like burning and the pain was working effectively.
                It was kind of chain reaction of pain when they stared going up. It started with the flat foot, calf muscles, and my rear. The whole lower part of my body was paining. But the pain doesn’t last for long. After like ten minutes I was unable to feel anything nothing no feeling at all.
                I was unable to watch what they were doing. One man came in front and was sweating. I was wondering why he was sweating. As I was unable to look what was happening in the back, I came to realize that the man was sweating as he was striking that stick on me.
                After some time I went home and checked weather there are any marks of the beating. Thankfully there were no marks. Or it could be there but I was unable to see them.
                I hate clothes and in my home I use to be mostly in my undergarment only. But I thought there could be some marks so I wore a track suit for the first time in home.
                My mom was shocked by seeing me in clothes. She asked me what happened today is the sun came from west or what? While wearing a t-shirt I replied that I am grown up boy now that’s why I am doing so.
I am on Fire

                I woke up in the morning and was in lot of pain. My rear was paining along with my both of legs. I was unable to manage to sit. I came to realize why that man was sweating to give me this.
                I went into the bathroom for bath and then came up with an idea. I putted my legs first in the bucket and my rear afterwards. Ohh what a relief I got.
                I called Angle after my breakfast. And told her that it was fun to see her and spend time with her. She was pleased as she doesn’t know about the later activity.     
                After some days the school was about to get open again and this time I completed my homework before time. I was bit scared of the punishments by now. I reminded myself that this much experience in good enough.
                School stared and I shown the homework to the teachers before they asks me to show. It was a different and cool feeling and I was happy with that. I came to realize that how the student use to feel when they complete all their work and this feeling was making me to feel proud.
                Now I use to get less time to meet Angle in the school. As I use to play in the recesses as well with my friends and she use to be bust with her friends as well.
                School was the only place where her dad could not catch me and I could meet her. But the situation was not in our side.
I stared a tournament of pen fight. This was a simple game in which we use to put our pens on the table and tap the other pens to fall down. Soon pen fight was common and was played in every class.              
We all agreed to play in different classes for the championship. This was the solution to see her and to play as well.


There was some cultural activity in our school for which the students were mixing up and hanging around. For boys this was the best time to chat with the girls and to have fun.
All the students were enjoying it and it was fun. Not to participate but to chat with girls and to bunk classes. I was with my friends in a group dance. It was Punjabi song and was full of wow factor. In addition to dance I used some of my stunts of karate and tae Kwan do to make it exciting.
We were practicing and Angle came to me. She wanted me to perform with her. Her plan was to perform a song she told me that she will be on guitar and I will sing. She was big fan of my singing but I told her that I use to sing before on stage but now I do so only for her.
She was happy to know that and didn’t pressurize me to perform. She told me to practice with her in the free time not for competition but for both of us. I agreed to her and we stared doing so.
I was roaming with my friends to check out how the other teams were doing. A girl came to me and stared asking about our practice. She was from other team and was friendly with all. We were discussing about the activity and some other stuff. Angle came in front of me from no were and was staring me with her big eyes.
I realized that she is angry but on what I didn’t know. She taken me to a corner of a class room and was upset on me. I asked her what happened and she started crying. Now I was confused and was worried what could have happened.
After sometime she told me that she was angry on me as I was talking to a girl. As per her opinion talking with other girls is not good and she didn’t like it at all. I promised her that I’ll not talk with any other girl for her happiness and comfort.
I shouldn’t have made this promise a thought came to mind. Talking with girls was kind of time pass and with no intention I use to do it. But I’ll have to deal with it as I made a promise.
All my friends use to chat with girls and I use to watch them and accompany them sometime. It was ok for me as I was doing this for her happiness.
Thankfully she didn’t take any step against my mischief for which I was glad.

The Introduction

It was Sunday and I was busy with my work. I use to make some handicrafts from the unused material. It was to make best out of waste for me. I was good at it as my mom and dad use to appreciate that.
I use to draw and write some poems in my free time. I use to write poems based on some real and current situations and comedy as well. My dad use to appreciate it and use to include it in there anchoring material.
I use to write poem in just a one go this was my specialty as the thought of writing a poem use to come in my mind and I use to convert it in words.
I use to narrate most of my poems in front of Angle and she use to like them all. She uses to keep my poems with her and I don’t use to have any other copy of that. For me poems are safer with her as she like them the most.
One day a thought came into my mind to write a poem for my Angle. I took a paper and stared expressing her in words. It was difficult to put them in words but I relate the words with her. I was good with rhymes as I use to write poem.
I showed her the poem on the next day and started reading it. I was so busy in reading the poem that I raised my head after completing it. She was crying. Her tear was like the pearl and was sliding down her cheek.
She liked the poem and thanked me with a tight hug. I was happy to know that she liked it. She told me that she take her promise back, which means that I can talk with girls again. But the condition was not for long time.

One day she called me and asked me to come home. I asked her whether her dad is there or not but she neglected it and ordered me to come as soon as possible.
I gathered my courage and somehow went near her house. I called her to meet me somewhere else but she insisted to come in.
I was just entering the house and her dog started barking on me. It was fun for him but not for me. I was already worried about her dad’s presence.
Her mom welcomed me and offered me with some cold drinks and snacks. Her mom was quite friendly and we chatted for long time. I heard some footsteps which were getting louder. It was like the footsteps of Gabbar from the film Sholay.
It was her dad who was entering the room. He entered the room and everyone was quiet. The only sound audible was of the fan. The blades were rotating and were slicing the air. It was like her dad’s looks were slicing me instead.
Her dad was having mustache and was build. He was like Gabaar to me. He came near me and taken a seat just near to me. He scared the hell out of me by his appearance.
Angle stared chatting with her mom again and broke the silence. She then introduced me to her dad. Her dad was still staring at me and was quite with no expression.
After a while her dad spoke up. He told me that he knows me well and came to know about me by her daughter. Angle was friendly with her dad and told him everything. I was astonished to know that her dad knows everything about us.
According to him we were not mature enough, and told me that his daughter likes to be with me. For her happiness he was allowing our friendship. This was good enough for me to hear such words from her dad.
Her mom went inside the kitchen and Angle accompanied her. Now I was left alone with her danger Gabber dad. I apologized to her dad and told them that I was sorry. I explained them what has happened and was praying all the time during the conversation.
Her dad told me not to worry as her daughter told him about it. I was relaxed now and took a deep breath after knowing that he was no angrier on me. But he reminded me that this should not happen again, and her mom should not find out about it.
Now the situation was under control and the ball was on my court.
Her father now knows about me and was hiding it from us that he knows about us. Sometimes knowing everything and pretending that you know nothing is good.
Now I was like a free bird I use to visit her place with short intervals. The only huddle was the dog he use to bark as loud as possible as he sees me. And his barking was the indication for her to know that I was there.
  We stared spending more time and were happy with it. Moreover her pocket money was doubled now and she stared buying me gifts.


                I was planning to spend more time with her but was not able to get it because of school. We were on different class and this was a troubling factor. I told her to bunk some periods or school but she told me to concentrate on exams as the exams were close now. I was out of options bunking was the only option for me to spend more time with her.
                One day I came to know that there is a new teacher coming to her class. She got posting in our school and was about to take science class. She was going to teach science to Angles class. An idea popped up my mind.
                I entered Angles class and told her to sit with me. She told me not to come as the teacher is about to come for the class. I told her not to worry and we took a sit on the last bench.
                The new teacher entered the class and all students greeted her with good morning ma’am. She was new so she stared introducing her to the class and asked the students about the syllabus.
                All the students were busy with their new ma’am and I was busy with my old ma’am. I took her hands in mine and the last bench came with an advantage.
                We were sitting for two periods together and the ma’am was teaching something. She given her whitener to me as a gift and told me to use it whenever I miss her or whenever I commit any mistake. She told me no one is perfect and everyone commits mistake knowingly or un-knowingly. Weather the mistake is between us or life she told me to use it whenever I do so.
                Her small gift was full of emotion and contains lots and lots of meaning for her and now for me as well. She wrote her name on the whitener and handed over to me. This was a gift to remember her and always reminds me that she is there with me in all my good and bad times.
                Her logic of whitener was simple which means to correct the mistakes and not to do it again. And in every phase of life she is with me. She was mature enough to know the world and I liked the way she was.

The Accident

                We were planning for the Valentine’s Day as it was coming closer. Angle was quite excited about the special day. She was planning for different places to visit and was waiting for the day with eagerness.
                For girls specific dates like the Valentine’s Day use to be so much special. But as far as I was concerned all days were like Valentine’s Day for me. It’s upon us how we see the life and it’s our way to live it specially the love life.
                I was planning to give her surprise. I went to a shop to buy a chudidar for her but I didn’t have enough money in my pocket. So I requested the shop keeper to keep that in safe as I’ll buy it in a week. The shop keeper agreed and kept the dress in his custody.
                I decided to give her a teddy with a small sofa of red roses. For this I went to a flower shop and ordered over hundred roses which can be used both for sofa and rest for her. I requested the flower man to allow me to do some work of making the sofa in his shop as I needed some decoration material and some of his tools. Somehow he agreed to allow me to work there.
                I use to celebrate with her with different days like the chocolate day, promise day, rose day. She was very happy with my surprises and use to wait for next surprise.
                One day I met her in the interval and we had a little argument. I couldn’t remember why we were arguing but she was bit upset and angry on me. My motto was to make her happy again but she didn’t respond much.
                I was thinking about her for the rest of the periods. I didn’t what to fight with her but I was unable to figure out why we were fighting. It must have been much important that’s why she was upset. This thought was killing me from inside.
                The school was over and today her dad came to pick her up from school. This was the only time in which I could have talked with her but she was now with her dad.
                I decided to follow them and to apologies to her on the way. She was sitting next to her dad and I was on bike. I was making circle around her car and was looking at her.
                She smiled at me and was looking at me continually. I too left changing position and was driving just near her window. She folded her legs and was sitting like we use to sit on ground.
                I looked her and grabbed my ears to say sorry to her. She reminded me that I was riding which I completely forgotten.  We were both looking at each other for a long time.
                Suddenly I heard a loud sound of breaks. This sound was made by a truck. The truck driver applied break in some emergency and was sliding horizontally towards us.
                Her car was hit with a vehicle and something hits the wind shield. The windshield was almost broken. All this happened in some seconds.
                I looked at Angle. She was sliding towards the bonnet through the glass. Her face was still in front of me and her eyes were still looking at me. She slides down through the car and was on ground now. I saw a tier was just closing near her. She was some foots away from me but I was unable to move my body.
                Suddenly my bike slides or was hit with some ting I can’t remember it at all.


                I opened my eyes and saw a bright light. I was unable to open my eyes but was trying hard to open it. After some try I was able to open it again.
                I found myself in a hospital. What happened I was unable to figure out? I looked around for Angle but she was not there. Somehow I managed to put myself out of my bed and stared searching for her and for her dad.
                After some time I found her dad. He was sitting on a bench and was looking up. I asked him what happened. He told me that we met with an accident. Then I saw some scratches and wounds on my body and her dad’s body too.
                I asked him about Angle. Where is she? Is she all right? I asked dad about her. He didn’t respond to me. Instead he pointed towards a room.
                Now I came to know that she must be in this ward. The room door was written with morg, something like that  I didn’t  looked at it properly and I entered in. I never heard of   this word so I entered there. This was quite different than that of normal ward.
                I saw a bed with a small light bulb on top. I reached near the bed. I saw a hand coming out of a bed sheet. It was her hands, its Angles hands. I grabbed her hands and stared crying. There was no movement from her side.
                Her dad came from behind and told me those words which I never ever expected. She is dead, he said. I was unable to believe him and stared crying loudly. I moved my hands to see her. But dad stopped me to do so. 
                She is gone he said again and stared crying by holding my other hand. I was still holding her hands and was waiting for her to react. But nothing was happening. She left me all alone.
                I was unable to feel anything and was unconscious. I opened my eyes and found dad near me. I asked him to tell me that it’s not true. He didn’t respond to me but hugged me tight.

Not A Dream
                I didn’t went anywhere after the accident and stayed home. I was unable to believe what has happened. I didn’t even tell anyone about what has happened, not even to my parents. Everything good in me was from her and now I was lost.
                Dad given me her swear in which I agreed not to tell all this to anybody not even my parents and not to tell her name. Her name was the only thing left which was and will be mine. I promised them for all what they said to me.
                I decided to do so. I visited her place after some days. For the first time her dog was not barking at me. He came near me and was crying. He putted his head on my lap and was crying. I looked at him and I broke down into tears.
                Dad came to me and asked me weather I was alright. I nodded and was unable to see him as both my eyes were full of tears. Dad told me that even the dog has not taken a single thing down his throat and he not even listening to them.
                I went inside with the dog and feed him by my hands. He was still crying but having something from my hands. I told him not to worry she is near us and she will come soon.
                Dad came to me and requested me to not come here again. Coming here will hurt me more and he didn’t want that. I escorted me near my house and left.
                I was unable to control myself after some days and went again to her place. I reached there and came to know that he dog was dead. He didn’t ate for days and gone to meet Angle.
                Angle use to call me doggy and for her both her dog and I was on the same level. She loved us both. With the death of her dog, her doggy was dead too.

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